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The 48 hours One Click Jam theme was "We have to get out of the comfort zone". As we all know, when we're getting out of our comfort zone, our inner monsters begin to appear. You have to kill them by looking at them (the jam was focused on accessibility). This game is also a good open source example of how a Tobii EyeX tracker can be programmed by children for disabled people in the classroom.

Prerequisites to play: A Tobii EyeX tracker device. http://www.tobii.com/xperience/

How to install it:

- Unzip and run PhysicalEtoys.exe as an administrator.

-Open the pe.image file if a filedialog appears.

-Load from Physical Etoys the "OneClickJam.032.pe" file which is on "contents" folder.

-Make sure your Tobii EyeX tracker device is connected and responding before starting the game.

You can follow me on Twitter: @sebasgb

Thanks Tatiana and Sara for the art, Nico for lending us the Eye Tracker, FUNDAV for organizing the event, Image Campus for hosting it and CAETI GIRA team for making Physical Etoys a reality :)


Defeat your inner monsters.zip 81 MB

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